Visiting Koh Chang Island

Jungle, monkeys, beaches and waterfalls pretty much sums up this island that nears the boarder of Cambodia. Sound good to you? It did to us. We had decided that we didn’t have enough time to venture South to some of the more famous islands, but we thought Koh Chang sounded pretty great.  Our research told us that it is one of Thailands biggest islands, it … Continue reading Visiting Koh Chang Island

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2018

Oh Pattaya, what to say about you. I didn’t really know much about Pattaya before I headed there, we were really just going to see the fireworks. But after we arrived I noticed that there was something a little different about this place. First, I was the only western girl around. But that could be normal, it is wet season after all. But there was … Continue reading Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2018

The Best of Our Visit to Bangkok

Bangkok is a pretty crazy place, its hot, humid and very populated (8.2 million people). During my visit to this city, I learnt that this place has many faces: from the glamorous malls and stylish sky bars to street food where you can get a meal for 50 baht (roughly $2.50 kiwi). Here, new and traditional function side by side. Over the last week and … Continue reading The Best of Our Visit to Bangkok