Coming Home: Life After Antarctica

I am incredibly lucky to have called Antarctica home, even if for only a short time. I had some truly amazing experiences, and of course, some more challenging ones but hey it’s all part of it, right? However, every adventure must come to an end and as this one was quickly winding up. I would like to say I was super sad to leave but … Continue reading Coming Home: Life After Antarctica

New Year’s and a Trip to the Mainland

I haven’t been very good at writing lately. I guess as time has worn on my enthusiasm for these things has faltered. Working six days a week for the last four months has certainly taken its toll. I still try my best to get out on my day off and enjoy the sunshine. I still spend a little time bouldering and hop over to McMurdo … Continue reading New Year’s and a Trip to the Mainland

Christmas at Scott Base

  I have to say that it’s strange being away from hustle and bustle that usually marks the festive season. There are no Christmas jingles blaring, or cramped shopping malls, no advertisements with endless amounts of the usual junk to buy, or the cheesy Christmas movies playing on the television. While for some, this sounds like paradise, it actually makes it hard to feel Christmassy … Continue reading Christmas at Scott Base