I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Sarah Mockett and I am currently 27 years old. I grew up in the South Island of New Zealand around the city of Dunedin. I was a pretty normal kid growing up in gumboots, climbing trees and getting muddy. In high school, I got my first real taste for adventure when I took up gliding as a sport! After high school I took a gap year, worked a average job and decided there must be more to life so decided to study. In 2015, I finally finished graduating with a Masters of Science majoring in Zoology. Burnt out and in need of change, I decided it was time to travel.

I did a short stint as a helicopter loader for a company near Mt Cook to put some dollars away. It was here I rediscovered my love for the outdoors as well as discovered rock climbing, a sport I have come to love.  With summer wrapping up and enough pennies in the bank to start, I set my sites on Australia. Starting with the famous climbing spot Mt Arapiles, I spent a month here and then a few months traveling and visiting friends before finding a job as an Outdoor Educator. After a year and a half of teaching young people about the outdoors and exploring my local area, I decided it was time for a change and that was when Antarctica came into the picture.

This blog was originally started to share my experiences at Scott Base, Antarctica. However, I realised as one adventure ends another begins. So, here is an honest account of my adventures. I hope you enjoy and perhaps, just maybe, it inspires some of you to chase your on adventures, what ever they may be.